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Friday, September 3, 2010

Week in Review--Week 3

Continued working through our spelling book. 

Language Arts
Oh, Emma Perl, how I love you.  I really like Primary Language Lessons, though we have not memorized anything.  I know they are capable of memorizing; they do it for AWANA.  So I don't know about the poems.  Maybe when we get to one that I think would be super nice to know.  I do like memorization.  Hub can still recite Jabberwocky and I still know the preamble to the Constitution.  Does it help us in day-to-day life?  No.  Does it make us awesome?  Yes.

Also, we continued working on proper vs. common nouns.

Social Studies
Turns out there are two Augustines.  Who knew?  Not I.  We read Chapter 3 in Story of the World about the spread of Christianity throughout Britain.  We're also reading Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  All of the kids love this book!  We also read a few medieval tales this week as well, The Sword in the Stone and Finn MacCoul.

We finally made our ocean boxes.  All year long, we'll be adding creatures to our "ocean."  We're going to try to make them out of clay, and if that doesn't work out, then we'll do cut outs from magazines and such.  We did an experiment where we learned that cold water is heavier is warm water.  We also started reading about whales.  We watched a number of videos.  Here's one you might enjoy.

Scrappy has really nailed double digit addition, so now he's onto double digit addition with carrying.  Funny did a great job on her quiz this week.  I finally got Goofy to slow down at math, mostly by saying, "not now."  Isn't that terrible?  I think if I let him he'd finish the book by the end of September.  I don't know, I suppose it's not a bad thing.

The kids turned in their block lettering practice.

We still didn't get to music and health this week.  That's all we're behind in now!  Yay for catching up!

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  1. I cracked up when I saw your comment about being able to recite Jabberwocky and the Preamble to the Constitution making you awesome :).

  2. Well, if being able to quote the Preamble to the Constitution makes someone awesome, then I guess I'm awesome, too!! Have a great week!


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