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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Week in Review--Week 2

Good thing homeschooling is flexible.

We had friends in from out-of-town, and they surprised us (yay!) by staying an extra day. Monday was spent running errands and celebrating Goofy's 6th birthday (the "kid party"). Tuesday I babysat and had many, many friends over, as the out-of-town friends arrived Tuesday evening. Everyone seems to converge on my house for social gatherings. Why? I don't know. It cannot be my wicked good entertaining skills. I don't have any.

Afore-mentioned friends left on Thursday. I was sad. The kids were sad. It was just sad. We missed our friends. So we went out to lunch and then shopping for a few things at Target. When we got home, we snuggled up and read a book.

Friday morning was go time. Oh dear, I was a week behind, almost! We finished our book, The Light at Tern Rock. The kids really enjoyed the story, and I remembered that I had read it as a child. I borrowed it from a friend who was lucky enough to have an entire SonLight curriculum given to her. GIVEN! I know, right?

The Light at Tern Rock (Puffin Newbery Library)

We also watched a rather bizarre video called, "A Child's Introduction to Musical Instruments." Yeah, it was weird. It was oddly animated and about some farmer who wanted to conduct an orchestra. They sat and watched it all, though. I wish I had had time to preview it, as I would've passed on it. Lesson learned!


We spent Friday catching up on a lot of math. Goofy is still flying through math. I have to say, his rather unschooly Kindergarten year is really paying off. He just magically knows stuff. Funny and Scrappy both knocked out a few days of math work, and Funny took a quiz and got everything right. Whew! I am not a miserable failure, naysayers!

Saturday we listened to our Social Studies chapter in the van while out running even more errands. Everyone needed new shoes. I would've rather been at the dentist, I must admit. Not much is worse than trying to get 4 kids plus a husband to choose shoes. Ugh. We also went to Target (yes, again!) where the kids spent a loooong time decided how to spend their birthday money. First, everyone wanted Silly Bandz. Then Funny decided she could get a really cool toy if she put her Silly Bandz back. It was like a little light went off for her. Ultimately the girls and the boys, respectively, pooled their money to buy 2 big toys. I promise I didn't turn it into an educational torture, but I did note to Hub after, "This totally counts as economics. If that was a subject for us." Homeschoolers are crazy, man.

Next week we all have dentists appointments and a carpenter coming to (fingers crossed) finish up our bathroom so the tile can be installed soon. I am thankful that I've been homeschooling now for a few years because I figure a couple days behind is pretty good! We'll see how the week goes.


  1. Your out of town company says "Hey! Props to you for even STARTING school already." And as a side note, your "lack" of entertaining skills is why it is fun to have a party at your house. There are no rules. Well, except that the kids have to go play somewhere else. And I guess, really, that is where the beauty lies.

  2. I do put out a good spread, too. I have that going for me. You make it sound like a crazy free-for-all. Oh wait. Right.

  3. The "laid backness" of the whole get together is a huge plus since we all are bringing at least 3 children with us (except Pete, but he can be like 3 children in one). The company is superb and the spread is tasty, especially if you get there extra early for lunch.


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