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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week in Review--Week 4, in which nothing goes according to plan

I couldn't figure out all week what was wrong with me.  I was so tired.  No, no bun in the oven.  I just have a cold.  Which explains why I had NO motivation this week.

Somehow, as ever, school manages to get done.  There's no rest for mama, is there?

We managed to do spelling and some language arts.  I have to admit, it appears they are my first subject to set aside when we're falling behind.  Do I think it's easy to catch up on?  I don't know.  I think they aren't as fun as science and social studies.  That's something to work on.

We read a bit more about whales this week.  I was talking about sperm whales, and mentioned that Moby Dick was about a sperm whale, and Scrappy piped up and informed me he knew all about Moby Dick.  How, I have no clue.  I suspect he watched part of the movie with my dad.  We watched an IMAX movie about dolphins, which was great.  I love having Netflix.  There are a lot of movies on there that we can use to supplement our books.

For social studies, we made monk's cross necklaces out of clay.  The kids sculpted them and let them dry overnight.  If only I could get them to take a vow of silence, at least for a day.  Maybe even an hour.

The kids have been spending time with Hub developing a new hobby.  They've all become crazy for dominoes!  The kids built some domino runs (I don't know if that's even the right term) this week.

For art this week, we've started talking about the color wheel.  Even Silly wants to be involved with art, which I find surprising, since the book claims it's for ages 8 and up.  She is doing a fine job.  She just wants to do school with the rest of the kids.  I am not pushing her into anything, as she's just 4 and I think she should be spending her days playing ponies.  As long as she isn't interrupting us, she has been joining us this week.

We had a field trip this week.  Yay!  I am big believer that field trips and any real life experience is the best way to learn things.  Two weeks ago we read about the English pushing the Celts out of England to the west (Wales) and north (Ireland & Scotland).  This weekend we went to the Irish Festival here in town.  What a good time!  We saw some traditional dances, hand crafts, and learned some Irish language as well.

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  1. in the paragraph about sperm whales, i thought you were going to say scrappy piped up and said he knew all about sperm. now *that* would have made for an interesting teachable moment... or not.

    i've gotten really really lazy about blog-reading (probably partly bc facebook is so easy and so many of my blog friends are fb friends anyway, and partly bc i *am* actually lazy), but whenever i come back here to read, i wonder how i could possibly have forgotten how amusing you are and how much fun it is to read your blog even though the stage of life you are in has virtually nothing to do with the stage of life i am in. and that was a really long and awkward sentence.

    the real reason i stopped by was to thank you for the comment you left on my last blog post. it was short, but it was enough. i *needed* to have an affirming comment on that post! i know, it's my own fault i don't get many comments because i don't go around giving them out very often anymore. anyway, i appreciated it.

    btw, i have changed that little section about my cousin 2 or 3 times since i posted bc i keep panicking over the idea that he or one of his sibs might somehow stumble onto my blog by accident and read it. but i don't worry about whether cheez might read it. i am weird like that. :-)

    now i'm off to read more of your funny posts.

  2. It's okay. Even if you are a slacker about commenting, I still like you.
    That's funny about the sperm. I like to keep you hanging on.
    I like reading your blog because you're so past where I am but I can tell that we have VERY similar parenting/homeschooling styles. So I always find whatever you are doing rather encouraging, because you're still alive.
    Not sane, but alive. :)


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