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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Week in Review

This was a very unstructured school week. For some reason, some of our best learning occurs when we aren't trying too hard to actually learn anything.

Sunday the girls had their annual dance show. They dance at Grace Christian Dance, and if you are in the Pittsburgh area, I highly recommend this school. Funny has really improved this year. It was Silly's first year dancing.

The kids had their homeschool class at a local library. They learned about ancient Greek myths, wrote poems, and learned about listening and sounds.

Scrappy and Funny both finished their library reading program and earned certificates for doing so. They were so proud of themselves, as they had to read the books on their own, and (because I am sooo mean) fill out the forms for each book as well.

We also spent a day at a local state park flying kites. (For educational ideas, click here.) This was a fun activity for us, especially, on the heels of learning about how birds fly. We discussed lift, air pressure, and drag again. It was too windy to really have a go with the kites. They all ended up playing on the playground equipment and running around in the sunshine. My friend, Heather, was kind enough to snap a few shots with her fancy camera.

That is Lake Arthur in the background.

I rather like how sullen Silly looks in this one.

We also listened to a wonderful CD, The Story of Classical Music. It's a mixture of story-telling (what was going on historically when pieces were written, information about composers or types of music, etc.) and excerpts from different works. I strongly recommend this to anyone (child or adult) who even thinks they might be interested in music! It also includes a CD-ROM with quizzes, activities, sheet music, and more. I got it at our local library, but am considering purchasing it. So you know it's good.

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