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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Menu Plan for the Week of 5/24

I took last week off from menu planning, and boy, did I regret it. We ate nothing but garbage all week. Yuck. So I am back to the planning, and even a day early!

I am going to try to stay out of the grocery store this week. I think it can be done.

We recently purchased 1/2 a cow from my aunt & uncle. So you'll start seeing more red meat recipes, now that we have some meat!! These were pretty happy cows, that got to forage and walk around. I am a cheap shopper, and I demand quality (oh, I am such a food snob...), so I try to buy good meat (organic if I can (which is almost never), definitely hormone-free, etc.). That means that we don't really eat a ton of meat, generally. If I can find it on sale, I'll buy some. The meat from my aunt will last about a year or so. We are also still working through 1/2 a pig we bought with some friends. We have maybe 1/3 of that left. If only I had a chicken dealer...

turkey, rice & veggie soup
(made with leftover turkey from Sunday, and leftover rice & vegs)

stir-fried peppers, onions, and snow peas (if I have the peas...)

lasagna w/sausage & spinach
green beans


garlic carrots
bulghur pilaf
(boy, I really wish I had potatoes)

(I really, really want to make fries, but alas, no potatoes!)

Mom & Dad's house
(I hope!)

I suppose if I break down and buy anything, it'll be potatoes! They weren't on sale last week, so I didn't get any. As you all know, I don't mind paying more for better food, but they are the same ol' potatoes that will be on sale soon enough. So I'll just wait.

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