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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pointless Rant about TV Watching

I am totally obsessed with TV. I really need some kind of game show for the amount of crap I know. It's largely useless. Oh, maybe I should be filling my brain with thought-provoking information. Maybe I should be puttering around the house instead of vegging out in front of the TV. (In my defense, I fold my laundry while I watch TV.)

But all of that stuff is lame. And TV is awesome.

I tend to be super-obsessive about TV shows. I really like to wait until a show has been cancelled, or is nearing its end, so I can get all the DVDs from Netflix and just watch them every day until I am caught up. Okay, not every day. I wish.

Currently, my whole family is into Doctor Who. We're all caught up on the new ones, but now we're watching the old ones from the 60s. Man, oh man, I love old sci-fi! It's hilarious. Those were the days, when special effects were all papier mache and tin foil.

Here's a question. Why are most things on television awful? I mean, seriously. I am so bored with American Idol. (Don't hate me.) Law & Order. Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Law & Order: Security Guards. Law & Order: Parking Meters. Then there's CSI. And, how about the one good night of TV (Mondays) was screwed up by some smarty pants somewhere. How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory used to be the best hour on TV. Until Jenna Elfman came along, and they had to separate them.

In case you're wondering (and I doubt you are), we don't have cable. Mostly, people gasp in horror at that statement. Meanwhile, ya'll know there's nothing good on TV. You're all DVRing what you really want to watch. I just get all my junk from Netflix. For less than $20/month, I might add. Suckers.

Shhh... I'm watching my show.


  1. We love Netflix, too. We even bought a Roku so now we can watch endless instant TV. (We don't have a laptop to watch it otherwise.) I am always a little defensive about our TV watching habits. This time of the year it is a matter of survival. The husband is working 11 days 6 days a week. My kids would be lost in the snow drifts if they played outside for long. So we alternate between Wii and Roku until the spring thaw. Shhh, don't tell on me. :-)

  2. Maybe if you had cable you would find all the good shows ;)

  3. You know how I really feel about cable. But I'm too cheap to even do Netflix. Hulu is all I need to turn my brain to mush.


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