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Monday, March 29, 2010

Menu Plan for the Week of 3/29


Asian pot roast with peppers & onions
brown rice
tossed salad


homemade spinach calzone (for the fam)
I'm going out to eat Thai food!!


spicy tomato soup (I didn't make it last week)
grilled cheese


sweet & sour shrimp
steamed broccoli
some kind of bread


pepperjack cheese & spinach quesadillas
fresh fruit
cilantro lime chicken breasts


lemon pepper cod (except I don't have cod, so I am using some other whitefish)
roasted potatoes
green beans


who knows?

My nice in-laws have invited us over for brunch on Easter, which will be late, around 1:00ish. So I am thinking we aren't really going to be terribly hungry for dinner that day. For now, I am plan-less.

I think it's a little funny to see this all written out. Clearly, I am craving Asian food, as well as spinach. Weird.

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