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Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's the Simple Things

Why do I ever think that a lunch from a place where they give me food through a tiny window could be better than the simply delicious goodies I can serve at home?

Flour Children spelling words with their cinnamon alphabet cookies.

That's my lunch. Mmmmm...galas with some real peanut butter.


  1. Oooh that's my kind of lunch! I just LOVE apples and pb. Or pb on a graham cracker, with a glass of milk. Don't forget the chocolate chip cookies, though. (No wonder I can't lose even five pounds!)
    (It's me, diamondsintherough. But you knew that, right?)

  2. Are those alaphabet cookies from Trader Joe's? Oh how I love them! It's been a long time. I like your lunch also. :-)

  3. @Jenn, Yes, they are Trader Joes. First time we've had them and they are very popular.
    @Sally, they are super good dipped in peanut butter. Of course I knew it was you.


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