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Friday, April 8, 2011

Week in Review--the week of slacking

Someone once told me, "I don't read homeschooling blogs.  They make me feel like a failure."

While I am not responsible for this person's reaction, I admit that sometimes it does look like most people have it together while the rest of us do not.  The fact is, I don't always want to admit to how long I fought with Funny over math.  Or how many episodes of Avatar my children have been watching.  Or that I just don't feel like it anymore and really need summer vacation already.

This is a non-post post.  I have decided to call this week "spring break."  And why not?  Everyone else gets one.

I've been sick, yet again.  Yesterday I took the entire day off.  We did one educational activity.  Scrappy and I snuggled on the couch and watched an episode of The Story of India.  Yep, that's all.  The kids have spent the week playing and fighting, and I have spent the week sneezing and yelling.

This is real life, people.

Yes, they did things that we relaxed homeschoolers consider school:  played baseball, explored the neighborhood, ran around, built with Legos, went to dance, went to AWANA, read a little, and helped around the house.

I don't have any pictures of the cute and/or fun things we did, because there aren't any.  It's a good thing I know that's okay.  Next week, when I report on all our goings-on, please know that while things may look good (I am feeling optimistic), they are completely balanced out by a certain amount of power struggles, exasperation, and exhaustion.

But these kids are so worth it.

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  1. Absolutely! I have challenges EVERY day with the kids! Daughter ABHORS Math and struggles with the point of tears some mornings. My youngest son has SPD and struggles with Visual Processing and controlling his body enough to sit still and get through some Math and Reading. And even my oldest has "his days" (although he's very laid-back 98% of the time). I once posted photos of my youngest son struggling through Math and finally refusing to do it...and someone commented that you don't usually see photos like that. Most days are GREAT, but there are those OTHER days that are a struggle.


  2. We all have weeks like this. No worries!

  3. Hi there! I'm here from Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers, and I just have to say that though I'm sorry your week was rough, this post was incredibly encouraging to me! I'm sorry if that sounds strange, but to have someone talk about real life within home schooling journeys is so refreshing. I honestly feel alone sometimes in my struggles! Thank you.

  4. Love your post. That's my real life. ;)

  5. I admire your honesty! And it is true. It is easy to feel like a failure when reading some blogs! Perhaps that is why I don't tend to read them very often. :-) Hope you feel better soon. Someone once told me that a bad day of homeschool is still better than a good day at public school!

  6. LOL!!! Good to see we're not the only ones vegging out on Avatar! I love this post. It is so true. I LOVE reading pretty blogs and posting a pretty blog but ONLY b/c I have a passion for photography and scrapbooking and white space that's not cluttered (b/c my house SO IS cluttered!). It's my sanctuary and a little place I get to scrapbook and journal where there are no scissors or glue that my littles can destroy. I had to learn a long time ago not to compare. But on those off weeks it sometimes seems hard not to!

  7. Thank you SO much for keepin' it real!! Here's hoping next week is much better! :)

  8. Very well said! There is no such thing as a perfect homeschool or perfect homeschool mom. It's going to take work and struggles along the way. But, as you said, it's well worth the "fruit" you see in your children! Hope you feel better soon!


  9. Oh I SO know what you mean as I just posted last week about our meltdown :).

    Hoping next week is a better one,

  10. Feel better - and I love that picture!


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