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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Traditions

Back around Christmas, I posted about some of our family traditions.  We don't really have many Easter traditions.  I don't know why.  Is that common for most people?  I put out a handful of decorations.  I buy all the candy for the kids' baskets.  We go to church.  We eat a big dinner.

In the past 2 or 3 years, we've added Resurrection Eggs to our tradition.  We usually go through them as a family on the night before Easter.  One year I am going to finally break down and make resurrection cookies, too.  If I were some other mother, I probably would like to do something crafty for Easter.  Once, we baked cookies in the shape of crosses.  That was nice.  We decorate eggs, but then only two people eat them.  I'm glad they're still pretty cheap, because a lot of them end up in the trash.

I am not really lamenting here.  I see now that we do have some traditions.  Most importantly, we do attend church.  I have heard of some people staying home on Easter to let the irregular attenders have a place to sit.  That's so odd to me.  Of all the days to stay home, Easter isn't one of them.  I'm really happy that my kids know that Easter is about the resurrection of Christ, and not bunnies.  I like bunnies.  But a bunny won't get me to heaven.


  1. I want to try resurrection cookies this year! I really wish we could think of more Easter craftiness that had some religious meaning. But we are making felt easter bunnies this year, and our traditions include dying eggs and making jell-o eggs. It's tasty, even if it doesn't have deep meaning.

  2. Resurrection cookies are easy and fun! You must do it.


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