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Friday, October 1, 2010

Week in Review--Weeks 6 & 7, in which we get unschooly

These past two weeks have been really unschooly.  I tried to make plans.  Sometimes I even did make plans. But stuff kept happening.  You know, life.  Some days we were rained out.  Some days we were sick.  We also have been getting our bathroom remodeled.  And, best of all, Hub had two days off these past two weeks!

We did very little bookwork.  We did a little spelling, some science, art (blending colors), and read a few books.  Scrappy and Funny had some handwriting practice.  The kids finally finished their whales for their ocean boxes.  I don't know why that was such a project.  Funny, of course, took about 30 minutes to do her's, but the boys only needed about 5 minutes!  I read Capyboppy to the kids.  Now we all want a capybara for a pet.  But we know it wouldn't be a good idea.  Scrappy read The Cat in the Hat on his own.  I was so very proud of him.  He didn't complain or act like it was too hard.  And he laughed and laughed.  It was a wonderful mom/teacher/librarian moment for me!  (I used to be a librarian.)

Funny works on her weaving.  Yes, we do school in our pajamas.  Some stereotypes need perpetuating.

Silly coloring.  She thinks she's doing school.  That's fine with me.

Boys doing a puzzle.  So many puzzles and games these last two weeks.

We tried a new way to memorize verses for AWANA.  Puzzle verses!

For language arts, I read the kids the story "The Lion and the Fox" from Primary Language Lessons.  I asked them to act it out.
Scrappy acting the part of the lion.

Scrappy the lion tells Funny the fox to come into his den.  She knows better.

Funny built an elaborate den, then guarded it fiercely.
We went on a field trip to Phipps Conservatory.  It was free for RAD Days.  Taxes aren't all bad!  We were lucky enough to be joined by Hub for this trip.  He rarely gets a day off, and this was a fun outing.

Gorgeous glass sculpture.

My favorite photo from our trip.

Flour children grow in trees.

3/4 of the Flour Children next to a giant cactus.
Silly conducts a giant train (made of chairs) for some stuffed animals, Goofy, and Funny.  Funny looks to be working while commuting.

Make your own pizza night!

Silly and pizza.  Zucchini, mushroom & cheese.

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  1. While looking at each picture Asked kept asking "Is that when we were there?" "Is that when we were there?" Oh, except the one with the fox in her den. I said "Do you see who that is?" He said "Yes, that is General Grievous."

  2. You mean I could have counted the stuffed animal train as school? lol
    Another great capybara book is Hooway for Wodney Wat. It might change their minds about having one for a pet, however. :)
    I love your unschooling.

  3. Yeah, the train wasn't necessarily school related. I just thought it was cute. I thought of you when we were looking at the desert flowers at the conservatory.

  4. You guys are so freaking awesome!!! This is sooo school!! It is a wonderful, exciting way that so many children will never know. I am so proud to show people this fine example of unschooling and way proud that we are related!! Mad Love, Jesse


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