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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cleaning out the trash

Challenge #3 for making my home a haven is about clearing out the clutter.  Uh oh.

As it turns out, Hub asked me, nicely, if I would mind paying a little extra attention to the housework this week in anticipation of his hosting a poker game.  Being the nice wife I usually am, I said, "sure."  As the week went on, though, I admit that I started to grow a little resentment over the task.  I mean, it's definitely sad that he has to ask me to do it.  That just shows you how much I've been excelling at housework lately.  But it started to bother me that he doesn't have the expectations for every day.  I'm not saying that I want him breathing down my neck. But I was all, "why doesn't he want it nice for US!?"

You might be laughing at me right now.  Because, of course, I figured out that (as usual) I'm the problem here.  I'm the one who doesn't think we're worth it.  I can pretend I'm too busy but really, I'm justifying myself.  Not in a good way, mind you.  I am pretty sure I could give up a day of Facebook and magically find the time to clean a whole lot of stuff!  I waste a lot of time.  I know that.  I promise that I'm working on it.

So as Courtney writes in her challenge, we're asked to clean out some physical clutter.  We should contain a mess, perhaps with a nice basket.  Or get rid of it.  I am of the getting-rid-of variety.  And so, really, Hub's request has come at the perfect time.  I've spent the last week decluttering.  And, honestly, it's been great.  I am big fan of less stuff!  My home looks nicer and I like being here more.

The second part of the challenge is decluttering our spiritual lives.  Oh dear.  That's a big one, isn't it?  So after reading this, I suppose one thing I have to confess is my bad attitude (as ever) and laziness.  Again, as always.  Oh, laziness.  That's a whole post in itself.

I'm looking forward to the last challenge.  I'm noticing a big difference in my attitude, and have definitely found myself praying over our home more than ever before.


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  1. I find ways to justify not cleaning, too. Why clean when it'll just be a mess again tomorrow (or right after nap time). But I do notice my attitude is a lot better when I can see my floor and that I don't have to move piles of stuff just so the family can sit down for dinner.

    I'm glad you are doing well with the challenge.


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