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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vegetarian -- We're Done!

Silly was the only one who remained vegetarian for the entire week.  Well, it was 6 days, because on day 7 we went to a funeral luncheon and there was meat, meat, everywhere meat, on the buffet.  On day 6 I caved and had some fish.  Oh well.

Things I learned:
1.  I don't actually want to be a vegetarian.  It's more than my love of bacon that stops me.
2.  If I had to be a vegetarian for health reasons or similar, I could.  I think.
3.  Indian food is really easy to cook.  I am going to make more of it.
4.  Most of my friends are quite supportive of my random schemes and plots.  That's nice.
5.  My kids are adventurous eaters.  Okay, I knew that.  But it is worth pointing out.
6.  We were in a food rut, mostly because I claim to be busy, but really it's because I've been lazy.
7.  We ate SO MUCH fruit this week.  A lot more than usual.  We should always eat that much fruit.
8.  We need to eat more veggies.  There are lots of places to throw them in while cooking, or ways to make them super tasty.
9.  It would be nice if people thought about what vegetarians might like to eat at their events.  And at restaurants.  Gardenburger?  For real?
10.  There's going to be cauliflower pie in heaven.


  1. I think vegetarians are supposed to eat the bread at restaurants. Or plain pasta. Gardenburgers can't really be an option since they aren't actually edible.

  2. I wish my kids were adventurous eaters.

  3. I think I'll try that cauliflower pie, just 'cause you raved about it so much. See, you're a good influence on me and my family's eating habits.

  4. I'm with Ericaceae, and you, on the Gardenburgers. Ever read how much SALT is in those things...WHEW! EEK!

    Last week, I told myself I'd ONLY eat fruits, vegetables and eggs (we have a laying hen, so feel good about our egg source, and don't want to discourage ;) her.) That plan lasted precisely a day and a half. Then one of the girls' year-end events came up, a potluck, complete with fantastic goodies. While the "meated" options were good, I confess the BEST thing I found was a broccoli salad (of all things)... and while I'll EAT broccoli, I've never enjoyed it so much!

    Great vegie options are out there - we just have to look for 'em.


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