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Friday, March 18, 2011

Week in Review

Spring is finally springing around here, thank goodness.  I spent most of the week laying on the couch as I've been suffering with an ugly cold.  Headache, chills, exhaustion.  I seem to be (mostly) on the mend, which is great.  As a result, there wasn't much in the way of "traditional" (you know, for our house) schooling.  My throat hurt too much to read aloud, which really is quite tragic.

Scrappy managed to squeeze out a couple lessons of spelling.  We've been so hit-or-miss with Sequential Spelling, but it's nice that when we get back to it, he remembers the patterns again.  He and Funny both did some work with cause and effect.  It's early logic, right?  Right.  There's been some math, and they are both working on writing stories.  Goofy and Silly have both done some workbook pages this week, too.  Everyone has read to me, which is nice.  But mostly, we had a relaxed week.  We had a park day and a couple field trips.  I squeezed what I could out of the week, and that's the best I could do.

On Saturday, we went to see 46 Circus Acts in 45 Minutes, which was really fun.

Fun in the sun.  I played on this, too, until I thought
I was going to vomit and fall over.

Silly and Funny getting in the swing of things.

I can barely watch this kid climb.  He's scary.

Scrappy really liked this replica of a church entrance
in France and made me take a picture.

Scrappy thought this sculpture looked like the first gate on The Neverending Story.
Good thing we weren't doubting ourselves when we passed by.

Very pretty twisted columns with mosaics.  Original is in Rome, 13th century.

Top of the twisty columns.  More mosaics.
We wondered if this was a Byzantine influence.

Replica from Notre Dame.  I figure this is as close as I'll ever get.

Goofy and Silly contemplate this art installation.  (It's a loop of Diana spinning into
Wonder Woman and then running.  Yes, from the TV show.)

We picked up Hub before going to the museum.  Here he is discussing fossils with the Flour Children.

Funny took it upon herself to fix this loose piece of decking.
Don't worry.  She has her safety goggles on.

She's awesome.  And helpful.

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  1. Look at that kid doing home repair. She rocks!

  2. I'm sorry that you were sick. Looks like you are kept busy, anyway. I made those pancakes last night. Yum!

  3. Your week sounds just like mine. I am sick too. I hope you get to feeling better soon.


  4. Sorry you were sick. Send that kid over to my house please!

  5. that is one of the BEST play grounds around! you did a TON of school this week! =)


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