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Sunday, March 6, 2011

We love science

Yet another trip to the Carnegie Science Center.  I love our Carnegie Museums pass and I'm so happy it was on Groupon so I could afford it.  We've been putting it to great use this year.

This time we went to see a show at the Buhl Planetarium called "Stars Over Pittsburgh."  It's all about the current night sky.  We learned how to identify a variety of constellations and planets.  The astronomer asked all sorts of questions and the Flour Children loved answering them.  They were so enthusiastic that after the show, she took us all up to the roof to see the big telescope.  It was pretty cool!  We were all very excited and can't wait to go back on a night where the weather is good so we can look through it.

Scrappy and Silly with the telescope.

View of our city from the roof.

There was a new interactive exhibit there as well.  It was all about air!  We studied birds and flight last year and so it was interesting to see all the things about drag, pressure and lift.  I just read a book to Silly about air, too, so it was well-timed for her.

Scrappy getting ready to see if his parachute will open.

Goofy shooting off a rocket.

Silly sees that air can hold up a ball.  Pretty exciting.

Funny trying to figure out how wind affects these objects.  Depending on direction,
the wind either causes them to hit each other or pull apart and to be still.

Experiment with drag.  Which shape will move fastest?

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  1. We LOVE the science center, and of course the planetarium is the best part.

  2. What a great field trip! Museum memberships are a great way to stretch those hard earned dollars and to enhance the homeschool curriculum! Thanks for linking up to Field Trip Friday! :)

  3. You know... when you come here to visit, you can use that pass at the Lousiville Science Center and at the Explorium Children's Museum in Lexington! Both are super fun!

  4. We love the Carnegie Science Center! It's been several years since we've gone there. Looks like such a fun time! :)

  5. We love science, too! And what a pretty view of your city. I bet it is even more lovely on a sunny day. :-)

  6. Sunny day, sunny day. I don't understand... We don't get too many of those.


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