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Friday, January 7, 2011

Weeks in Review -- Christmas school

I am afraid to go out on a limb (is it a limb?) and say we are straight up unschooling.  Mostly because it isn't quite true.  But we definitely have been doing a lot of unschooling in December, and it has been wonderful.  The best thing is that I am not consumed with guilt, lamenting my failure to teach and their failure to learn.  We have done a lot of things in December, and life is pretty educational, when you think about it.

Silly learns about physics when she is turned into a giant yo-yo.

Funny races Hub.

Funny climbs a wall.

The Flour Children dress themselves like presents.

Christmas countdown.  I wrote a Bible verse on each one.

See?  A Bible verse a day.

Scrappy and Funny help put up the tree.  You don't see me doing it.
What subject is this, you may wonder?  Patience.

Even Silly helps.

Christmas ornaments made by the Flour Children.

We baked a lot of cookies.

K uses this for math and reading.
Hub caught Silly teaching herself to read with this the other day.

Silly does a look and find, with counting.

Learning about the winter solstice.


  1. There is a lot of guilt to avoid as a homeschooling mother, isn't there? Glad you had a great December. I think also just reading a lot of good books together is very good school. You seem to do that a lot. :-)

  2. There is learning in every single day!! Your kids are soaking up information all the time. :)


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