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Friday, November 5, 2010

Week in Review--Week 12

We had a normal-ish week this week.  Whatever that means!

Scrappy is still working on grammar.  He has to take a standardized test this year, so just like the public schools, we are teaching to the test.  I hate that.  But I want to make sure he knows it.  Blech.  I'm glad my funding doesn't rely on him getting high scores.  Whew!  He did some reading and some math.

Funny did some grammar work too, because why not?  She is seriously obsessed with all the Fly Guy books.  We were at the library yesterday and she wanted to take all of them.  I had to limit her to two.  I hope that after she reads all of these that she can find something else that excites her!  I welcome your suggestions.

For the first time, Funny asked if she could take a book to bed because she wanted to read it before she fell asleep.  She's taken many, many books to bed, but only because she wanted to look at pictures, or put off going to sleep.  I was so excited.

Goofy also worked on reading and math.  He also lost his first tooth!  He's getting quite big.

We all read a book about Scotland, just because we could.  There was a lot of art this week, and some discussion of nutrition as I HAVE to put away some of their Halloween candy!  It was election week, so we discussed the voting process.  Everyone came with me to vote.  Field trip!  All of the kids drew pictures of what they saw, and Funny's was definitely, well, funniest.

This week they also had Homeschool Happenings at the local library, where they learned about Pennsylvania American Indian tribes, parts of speech, letter writing, and migration.  I really love Homeschool Happenings, because I love the time I get to spend with all the other moms!  It is so wonderful to be somewhere where people understand and support our decision to homeschool.

Some books read this week:  Scotland (Enchantment of the World. Second Series)Fox in SocksThere Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly GuyVoting and Elections (Let's See Library - Our Nation series)Mayors (Community Workers)

Sadly, the kids and I didn't cook anything together this week.

Also, I finally found some drawers on sale that will work for our workbox system.  When it's all set up, I'll tell you all about it.  The kids are all super excited about it.  They said that they like that they'll know how much work they have in a day and that there's going to be a drawer for snacks.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your new follower. :) I love to read other's homeschooling adventures!

  2. Hey, G has her first loose tooth now! It's all so exciting. I like the "vote" drawing.

  3. Congratulations! Remember to catch the Tooth Fairy whenever that next tooth pops out.

    Free with code ($10 value): Fairy-Proof

  4. My youngest got obsessed with those Fly Guy books as well for a while. I love these drawers. It looks like you had a pretty good week!

  5. my, what big boobs funny thinks you have. and can I ask WHERE you found drawers like that on sale??? have been looking for awhile also... =)

  6. Great week! How nice that your library has programs for homeschoolers. As big as our library system is, and the homeschool community, they rarely offer anything.

  7. I love the drawer system. Two drawers/kid in such purty colors.

  8. Sounds like you certainly had a productive week. I'm not familiar with the Fly Guy books but they sound fun. When my daughter was about the age of yours she loved the Junie B. Jones books, she thought they were hilarious! I wonder if your daughter would like them as well?

  9. Do you think she would like Amelia Bedelia? My kids have always been in like with her. I also would like to know where you got the drawers. You were originally looking at somewhere scrapbooking stuff...

  10. Sounds like a good week! I've been using workboxes for about a year and a half now with my (now) 6th and 4th grade boys. My daughter (8th grade) uses a detailed assignment sheet. I don't use the workbox system EXACTLY as Sue Patrick describes in her book but it has worked very, very well for our family. I wish I had been using the workbox system since I started homeschooling. I think it really would have helped us to structure our days when my children were younger.



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