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Monday, November 1, 2010

Make Your Home a Haven Weeks 4 & 5

I'm combining two challenges with this post.

Week 4's challenge was to treat the family with tenderness.  I am so glad the focus on peace and gentleness preceded this one!  It felt natural and easy.  Hooray!  Courtney suggested I rub everyone's back, and I admit I didn't do that.  But we've had some nice family snuggles and been doing a lot of family fun activities.  I think that, in general, showing tenderness might be a bit unnatural to me at times, but it is something I have been working to change for a few years now.  I already see a huge difference, so I know it will only get better.

Week 5's challenge is to cook something tasty.  I feel like I already have a pretty good attitude about cooking.  For me, it's a very comfortable, easy way to show my family how much I love them.  We are challenged to make something special this week, so I might break out the Martha Stewart hot chocolate recipe or some homemade pretzels (I like this recipe from String Theory).  Oh, maybe I'll just do both!

The other element of this challenge is to practice giving thanks.  What a great reminder, because it's so easy to forget how bountiful things are here.  I mean, I can buy something alleging to be a tomato in February!  Okay, not the finest example, as they're gross.  But you get my point.  Thanksgiving is coming, anyway, which is my favorite holiday.  It's all coming together, people!

I have really enjoyed this challenge.  It has helped me be more intentional at home, which I really needed.  Nothing like a gentle kick in the pants to motivate.  Well, besides a swift kick.

Happy homemaking!

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