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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Menu Plan for the Week of 7/18

Well, I mostly stuck to last week's menu.  This is a new week.  I bought a ton of junk today at the store.  It's VBS week, and it's also going to be hot, which means trips to the pool.  Look, I'm not perfect, okay?

You might think it's pretty weird to post all the breakfast and lunch ideas, but it helps me.  So there.

B:  pb toast
L:  ham & cheese sandwiches, bananas
D:  buffalo chicken lasagna (I didn't make it last week, since I forgot to cook the chicken.  I bought a rotisserie chicken today.  No excuses.)

B:  cereal (really, breakfast is such a nightmare for me.  I hate spending all my money on cereal, esp. since it doesn't fill anyone up.)
L:  out (running between church and the doctor's office)
D:  hot sausage sandwiches

B:  cereal, yep, again
L:  mac & cheese OR leftover lasagna
D:  spaghetti (that's a lot of pasta.  Hm)

B: yogurt
L: leftover spaghetti
D: summer squash casserole, beet bread, hot & sour pickles, cherries (yes, cleaning out the fridge!)

B: granola bars (another useless breakfast, but we'll survive)
L: grilled cheese, pretzels, carrots
D: hot date with Hub!!

B: eggs w/potatoes and veggies
L: at the in-laws' house
D: garlic shrimp, CSA veggies

B: granola bars
L: leftovers
D: pizza


  1. Nice work. I don't know who invented breakfast. It's such a hassle.

  2. I can't stand the concept of cereal, but the kids can get it themselves and everyone likes it. We end up eating it most mornings.


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