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Monday, January 18, 2010

A reminder to myself to be thankful!

I'm the first to admit that I am a total slacker. Those of you who can make a schedule, and then stick to it...well, you're amazing. I am EXCELLENT at making schedules. I am, however, very bad at following them. It is a real struggle with homeschooling! I know it isn't just me, which is rather liberating. I do struggle with always knowing that the kids are learning okay, despite my lack of discipline. I feel like I am just passing my slackerism along to them, which I hate. But at the same time, in my attempt to find the positive, I am pretty flexible and rarely do I really get worked up about falling behind or things not turning out exactly as I had planned. Hm, which really is interesting, as I recall posting on my old blog about being behind and how it was driving me crazy. It seems I've grown! I don't know if it's good or not... I am still a bit, shall we say, undisciplined. But I do see that they are reading, writing (but still complaining--can't have it all), adding, subtracting, and largely enjoying being home and learning. I thank God for this chance to homeschool them, according to their own needs and abilities!


  1. I love that we are slackers together.

  2. It'll come. We do not follow a strict schedule, but now that my girls can do most of their work on their own, we follow a very basic schedule of :breakfast, school, lunch, chores. It works pretty well for us, but it is not at all timed, it's kind of just an order of events.

  3. Kristie, that is pretty much how our days are turning out as well. It does mean that I am going to be giving up some activities soon... It's time to focus on being home. Well, it's long-overdue.


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