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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Holy powwow, Batman!

In my blog's struggle for identity, I've decided to throw in some homeschooling goodies in addition to the recipes and flowers. Basically, you've just entered the realm of my random thoughts. Good luck to you.

My 3rd child, Goofy, is in Kindergarten. Today he did a few pages of math, including a 1-10 dot-to-dot (he's so beyond that, but sometimes I like to throw in something fun and easy) and an alphabet dot-to-dot. You might notice that I like to trick my kids into learning. I'm a big fan of school being fun! Learning is awesome and amazing, and it is one of the main goals of our homeschool program--that our kids love learning. In addition to the three Rs, we also read through a pre-K/early elementary version of the Weekly Reader that was about Powwows. What a fun topic! We finished up by watching powwow dancers on youtube. And I am proud to say, we did not end up in a swirling youtube vortex, for once.

Check out the video here.

Sadly, I wasn't quick enough to catch Goofy's version of a dance, which ended up with him crashing loudly to the floor, then laughing hysterically. That's how it's done, right?

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  1. just having an everything-blog is probably best! i've toyed with the idea of having a homeschool blog & an "other" blog, but that would just complicate life. i have a hard enough time keeping up on ONE blog.

    hey, here's a blog you might like:

    this family is irl friends of ours and just started hs'ing their little ones, ages 5-3-2. she's big on the fun, creative stuff.



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