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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Flour Children do Valentine's Day

I figure that before it's St. Patrick's Day, I better post on Valentine's Day.  There are a few good things that I lament my children missing because they are homeschooled.  The big valentine exchange is one of those things.  (Although, then I read this.  And it made me sad.)  Another homeschooling mom is kind enough to organize a party at Chuck E Cheese's every Valentine's Day.  There's no clean up and the kids have a blast.  She breaks the list of kids down into grades (this year I think it was preK-2nd and 3rd-up).  That way, the kids are not writing out a ton of valentines.  That makes me tired thinking about it.  Anyway, it was our first year participating, and we loved it.  We'll definitely be going again next year. 

Sampling of boxes.

Goofy giving out his valentines.

I loved this pink box.  You can't tell from my picture, but it's a purse made out of a cigar box.

More boxes.  Very creative.

I liked this Harry Potter box.

Feed him!  My personal favorite.

This one was a computer.  All the keys are in the right spot, even.


  1. Do you have pics of your kids' boxes? I have to admit, we went frilly for our first grader and nowhere near as creative as the pics you've shown. I'm glad you all had a great time.

  2. I don't. They weren't terribly interesting. But I think next year we'll do something more creative, since they all like a craft.

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  4. If you look at the one with the big mouth, there's a box that's two plates stuck together. That belongs to one of mine.


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