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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Nation's Flowers

I haven't had the chance to look up what sorts of flowers these are, so I welcome your input.

Our nation's capital. These were taken at the Botanical Garden.


  1. So beautiful! I love love the one in the middle. I don't know what any of them are.

  2. My sister says the one in the middle is called Lantana.

  3. Rats. I had a nice comment all typed out and I lost it! So nice to see you around again. I'm pretty sure that top flower is phlox.

    And as for tortilla soup, it is made differently everywhere I have had it! I think I had this exact recipe just last night at a local Mex restaurant. It had the hominy in it -- some ground and some not. That was a surprise, because I was expecting it to be nice and brothy, and I have NEVER had it with hominy in it! Whose idea was that? I thought the hominy was overpowering. But that's just me. We're not hominy people in this house, but I loved it when I was a kid!

    Maybe you could come over and teach my kids how to love learning. I think I killed it. :o( (They love to learn how to play video games, does that count?)

  4. Wait. I forgot to tell you. You need to update your picture. Your HSB photo is old old, and you might have wrinkles by now! I want to see what you really look like! :o)

  5. Sally, you are too funny because I just put a pic on here and it's the same one! From 1996 I think! Ha ha ha. I totally still look like that! NOT! Once my husband gives me access to his baby, I mean computer, I will update it for real. My computer is what's really old around here, and it makes it awful for pics. I am not-so-secretly hoping that he will decide to get a new one and give me the old one!
    My kids do a lot of their learning through board games and Webkinz. And I'm okay with that! I can't tell you how many mornings I am all geared-up for school, but they are playing Stratego. I mean, how can I break that up? That's educational. Alas, I just have to give myself a break!
    And, I think you have an Etsy shop now? What's the link? Can I buy those dress towels on there? Everyone I know wants one!


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